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Song and Dance Ensamble "Zrodlo"


The ensemble Zrodlo was formed in 2001 as a result of Father Adam Filas’ initiative.  As the pastor of a newly formed parish in Brampton, St. Eugene De Mazenod, father Filas wanted the newly formed congregation to be rooted in the faith and traditions of its fathers and forefathers.  It is through music, song and dance that the members of Zrodl foster, nurture and bring to the forefront the beauty of Polish folklore. In its repertoire, the Zrodlo ensemble has songs and dances from various regions of Poland, such as:  Kujawy , Warsaw, Lowicz, Krakow, Rzeszow, Lublin and Slask. There are also national dances such as the Polonez and Mazurek along with ethnic dances that portray the cultures of the Roma peoples and Canadian Aboriginals, more specifically, the Metis. The main objective of Zrodlo is to display the beauty of Polish traditions and its unique national identity, an identity that is rooted in religion and patriotism, for love of God and country. The ensemble wants to share its talents not only with Polish-Canadians (Polonia) but also with its multicultural community and the Greater Toronto Area. In order for Zrodlo to fulfill its objective, its members practice with great enthusiasm and dedication under the care of two instructors. The ensemble consists of over 40 members ranging in age from 5 – 18 who practice with rigor. Since its existence and up until 2010, Zrodlo was under the care of chorographer Joanna Pogorzelska-Hojda and musical manager Janusz Okon. After Joanna resigned from her position, Katarzyna Zych, a former dancer of Zrodlo herself, took over the duties of assisting with choreography from 2011 to 2014.  When Katarzyna Zych resigned another former Zrodlo dancer, Natalia Tkacz, stepped in to become both the instructor and junior artistic director.  The current artistic director of the ensemble is Janusz Okon. In 2006, Zrodlo released their first album of songs and dances in DVD format. The album was promoted during the First Concert of Young Talents which was organized under the patronage and participation of ZPiT, Zrodlo. In 2007, a second album, titled  “Zrodlo Spiewa” (Zrodlo Sings) was released and it contained all the songs from the ensemble’s repertoire.  In 2007, Zrodlo travelled to Clearwater, Florida where they performed for the Polish community, and the following year they were invited by artistic organizers from Disney World to return to Florida and perform at Magic Kingdom.  For its10 year anniversary, in 2011, the ensemble held a celebratory gala at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.  During the two hour performance ZPiT presented its complete repertoire. The  year 2012 was a historic milestone for the ensemble as its participants travelled abroad to participate in the 8th Annual Festival of Polish Folklore in Iwonicz-Zdroj.  Since the beginning of its existence, Zrodlo performs annually at various multicultural festivals in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and London, Ontario. They also perform at smaller local events and grander celebrations that are connected to and organized by the St. Eugene De Mazenod parish in Brampton. On average, the ensemble practices 4-6 hours weekly during the school year and during the summer most members participate in 10 day workshops that take place in Northern Ontario in a region called “Kaszuby” which is within the vicinity of Barry’s Bay.  

The Administrative Council of ZPit “Zrodlo” consists of the following members:

Manager                                                    Dorota Ziemnicki
Artistic Director                                        Janusz Okon
Dance Instructor                                        Natalia Tkacz
And Junior Artistic Director 
Secretary and Accountant                         Agnieszka Nietresta
Council Members                                      Malgorzata Szal
Ewa Grywalska                                                          
Jolanta Tkacz                                                         
                                                                  Marta Wysocka
International Artistic Consultant                Konrad Kowalczyk (Poland)

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